Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mentya Hittu ( Fenugreek Powder ).

Mentya Hittu is made of mixed daal and spices....and eaten with Hot Rice and ghee in the beginning . Some people use Ground nut oil instead of ghee...This recipe is from North Karnataka...and its good to have Mentya Hittu since its made of pulses and cereals ....and spices...

Things Needed :
Channa Daal : 4 Cups
Rice: 1 Cup
Whole Wheat : 1 Cup
Urd Daal : 1 Cup
Coriander Seeds : 1 Cup
Jeera: 2 Table spoons
Fenugreek Seeds : 1 Table spoon
Asafoetida or Ingh : a pinch..
Pepper Seeds : 1 or 2 Tea spoons .( According to Your wish).
Red Chilly : 4 to 6 ( Optional).
Salt : To Taste

Method :
Roast all the above ingredients except salt on low flame until raw smell disappear. Leave for cooling and then dry grind . Add salt and mix it well and store it in an airtight box. Serve Mentya Hittu with Hot rice and ghee..

Note : Roast the ingredients one by one on low flame. Adding pepper or red chilly is optional .
You can add both if you wish or can add only pepper or red chilly. Can also add Whole moong 1/2 a cup to this mixture. (Roast whole moong until the raw smell disappear). Add little salt and then You can add the needed salt while serving ..