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Saturday, March 25, 2017


Jaggery nuts barfis are very nice to have them. It takes us to our childhood days where we used to buy some gol gol (round) jaggery balls and chewing it for a long time. What a fun and relish.
I have used Almond flakes generously. It adds to the rich taste. I got this Almond Flakes from Veena/Krishnaveni Beedarahalli (Vidya's sister). She stays in U.S. and in her recent visit she brought these Almond Flakes and some chocolates too.
I have used Almond flakes, jaggery, raisins and Almonds. There is no coconut in this burfi.
Lets see some benefits of eating nuts in our diet.
Nuts in general provide energy. protein and good amount of anti oxidants. They do contain vitamins and minerals and Omega -3 fatty acids. It contain unsaturated fats and helps to lower the cholesterol levels. It is full of fiber and helps to prevent type 2 diabetes. Nuts are rich with Vitamin E and it helps to stop the plaques in our arteries. Nuts are good plant protein content. They are filled with minerals like magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus. They help in by providing energy and strengthen our immune system.
Lets see the recipe now.

Things Needed :

Jaggery : 1 Cup
Wheat flour : 1 Cup
Raisins : 2 Tablespoons
Almond flakes : 1 Cup
Ghee : 2 Teaspoons

Method : 

1. Keep a pan on the fire and put wheat flour and dry roast till the raw smell disappear.

2. Remove the roasted flour to a dry plate.
3. Put jaggery in the pan. Add  2 Tablespoons of water and let it melt nicely.
4. Keep stirring. Jaggery starts to buble. Stir for 2 more minutes. ( On Low flame ).

5. Add raisins  and wheat flour slowly. Stir it well so that it mixes with jaggey nicely.

6. Keep stir till it starts to thicken and leaves the sides. Apply ghee to a plate and keep aside.
7. Add 1/2 cup of Almond flakes and mix it well. Add ghee and mix it.

8. Shift the ready jaggery mixture to the plate and spread it evenly. Spread the remaining Almond flakes and press it with spatula. Let it stick to the burfi.

9. Let it cool. Cut them according to your wish. It takes longer time to get it thick.
10. Remove the burfi (piece of nuts and jaggery) and put it in a steel box.

11. At First jaggey nuts burfi is chewy and then it turns hard once it is cooled.
12. Eat /serve according to your wish.

Note :

The burfi texture in the beginning is chewy. Later it turns hard. I have used organic jaggey. Do the whole process on low flame. Adding badam/almond taste nice. You can add ground nuts instead of badam/Almonds. Taste differ. No need to add more ghee.If you do not have Almond flakes just dry grind almonds for 1 minute and sprinkle the powder on the top of burfi, which adds to the taste of burfi.
Time : 20 Minutes
Serves : 10 to 15 pieces. (According to your wish. Small /big size).

Monday, March 28, 2016

Dry Fruits Cake (Without Egg)

Cake is desert and I prepared in this way of using Maida /All purpose flour, butter/ghee/oil.
It is nice to have a piece of cake when you have tea or coffee. Having a piece of cake has no particular time. This is an eggless cake.

I have used some dry fruits (very little amount) at the end just before baking. It adds to the taste and gives nice colour too. No egg in this cake. 
Lets see the recipe now :

Things Needed 

All purpose flour/Maida : 2 Cups
Sugar : 1 Cup
Curd : 1/2 Cup
Cardamom : 3 to 4 pods
Oil : Little more than 3/4 cup
Baking Soda : a pinch
Baking powder : 1 Teaspoon
Dry Fruits : 2 Tablespoons .(Almonds, cashews, raisins, Fig and dates).

Method :

1. Sieve Maida, baking powder and baking soda and keep it aside.

2. Dry grind sugar and then add curd, oil and grind it till it gets fluffy.
3. Add cardamom and grind for 1 minute.
4. Remove from the liquidizer and put it in a bowl.
5. Cut dry fruits into small and keep it aside.

6. Now take a big pan and put ground oil, sugar and curd mixture. 
7. Add sieved maida and slowly mix all the ingredients well.
8. Greece the baking tray with oil.
9. Pour this mixture to the tray and add dry fruits on the top. 
10 . Bake this in the oven for 25 minutes ( 180 degree C). 
11. Just insert a knife edge to make sure cake is baked well. 

12 Serve fresh dry fruits cake with a cup of Tea/Coffee.

Note :

You should have an oven to bake the cake. or try in micro wave ...baking option. You can use ghee/butter instead of oil. (any cooking oil). Adding curd makes the cake soft and fluffy. Adding vanilla essence is optional. More dry nuts can be added.
Time : 
Total time 25 to 30 minutes to bake  + 10 minutes to preparation  
Serves : 25 small pieces can be made.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Carrot & Badam Drink

Its hot summer and you need to cool your body and mind too. One needs to drink lots of water to take care of them from dehydration. Some don't feel like drinking water and do not have that habit of drinking water since it has no taste. I know many are of this attitude. Instead of water you can have some cool drinks and enjoy. This is the way you intake water.

I have tried this Carrots, almonds drink and kept it in the fridge to be cool then served. It is nice. You can too prepare this and enjoy.
I have used carrots, some almonds and jaggery to give a sweet taste.
Lets see some benefits of having jaggery in our diet.
It is always better that you use jaggery instead of sugar to sweeten your food. Jaggery helps to cleanse our body. It acts as a digestive agent. It also sweeten our food in a healthy manner and they provide good amounts of minerals. It helps to prevent the constipation. They are good source of iron and helps to prevent iron deficiency/ anemia. Eating jaggery helps to cleanse our liver. It helps to detoxify and push out the harmful toxin from our body.
"Carrot & Badam Drink " can be prepared for Kids party, kitty party, or any ladies party and on hot summer Day. It can be prepared during feast or festival.
Lets see the recipe now.

Things Needed : 

Carrots : 2
Almonds : 10
Jaggery : 3 to 4 Tablespoons
Coconut Milk : 1/2 Coconut milk.
Fresh Milk : 1 Litre
Cardamom : 5 to 6 pods
Dates : 4 to 5

Method :

1.Wash and scrape out the outer layer of carrots. Wash again and cook with very little water.
2. Soak almonds in hot water and remove the outer skin after 2 minutes.
3. Keep a pan on the fire and add 1 cup of water. Put jaggery and let it melt completely.
4. Sieve the jaggery water and remove the dirt particles if any. Grate coconut, grind with little water and squeeze out the milk from coconut. Cut dates and and keep it aside.
5. Grind cooked carrots, cut dates, almonds and cardamom with little water. Grind it into paste consistency.
6. Keep jaggery water and let it boil for 2 minutes. Add ground carrot and almond mixture.
7. Let it boil nicely for 2 to 3 minutes. Put off the fire. Add fresh coconut milk. Let it cool.
8. Add fresh milk which is already boiled and cooled. Mix it well and serve.
9. Make sure that carrot almond kheer should be cooled before adding fresh milk or it might curdle.
10. You can just keep it in a fridge before serving. Cool carrot and badam drink taste better.

Note : 

Remember to clean the jaggery before using. (It is always better to boil and then sieve or filter the jaggery before using). Adding more almonds is optional. You can add cashews instead of badam/almonds. (Almonds are healthy option). You can use sugar instead of jaggery. Adding more jaggery is also optional. You can add tender coconut pieces while serving this drink. Use of coconut milk is optional. (It adds to the taste and aroma).
Coconut milk preparation : Grate 1/2 fresh coconut. Grind it 1/2 cup of water and remove the mxture and squeeze out the milk. Grind the coconut again with 1/4 cup of water for 2 minutes and remove from the mixi jar. Squeeze out the milk. (Use the coconut milk to the drink.).
Time : 20 minutes
Serves : 5 to 6.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Raagi - Almond Laddu

Ragi/Finger Millet and Almond Laddu is a sweet dish. It is a healthy Laddu. It is one of the traditional nutritious energy loaded Laddu.
Raagi/Finger Millet is a staple food of Karnataka and some parts of India. It is also known as healthy grain. Many dishes can be prepared from ragi.
I do remember those days, when school children return back from school this Unde was the evening snack for children. Roasted ragi,  powdered nicely, mixed with coconut and jaggery laddu (no almonds were used because it was considered as rich people food) used to tempt us to get more. Those were the golden days of life.
I have prepared this laddu using ragi flour, some almonds, cardamoms and jaggery.
Lets see some benefits of Cardamom. 
Cardamom is called as the queen of spices. It is said to be originated in India, Nepal and Bhutan. The health benefits are like it is good for gastrointestinal protection, cholesterol control  and improvement of blood circulation in the body. It is also useful for curing dental diseases and urinary tract infections. Cardamom helps to remove the toxin from our body, prevent and relieve cold and flu in small way and also good for bronchitis and coughs. Cardamom helps to lower the blood pressure and prevents blood clots. They contain good anti oxidant properties and anti inflammatory properties.
Now lets see the recipe :

Things Needed :

Ragi/Finger Millet : 2 Cups
Almonds : 1 Small bowl (10 to 15 )
Roasted Channa : 2 to 3 Tablespoons
Jaggery : 1 Cup
Cardamom : 5 to 6
Ghee : 1/2 Cup
Coconut : 1 Cup

Method :

1. Dry roast ragi/finger millet nicely till the raw smell disappear. (Low flame).
2. Dry grind roasted channa and keep it aside.
3. Dry grind almonds and cardamom and keep it aside.

4. Grate coconut and dry roast it.
5. Now keep a pan on the fire and put jaggery. Add 1/2 cup of water.
6. Let the jaggery melt nicely and boil.
7. Jaggery mixture starts boiling. Bubbles up. Stir a little.

8. Let the jaggery mixture be one string consistency.
9. Add roasted ragi/finger millet and roasted channa powder. Mix it nicely.
10. Add almond, cardamom powder. Mix it well and put off the fire.

11. Add grated coconut and 2 to 4 tablespoons of ghee.
12. Now take a handful of the ragi - almond mixture and prepare laddu.

13. Laddu is ready to serve.
14. Put the laddus in a air tight box or bottle. It can stay for at least a week.

Note : 

Dry roasting of ragi flour should be on low flame. Roast it nicely till the raw smell disappear. Adding more ghee is optional. You can add dry fruits. I have added dry grapes/raisins only. Dry roasting coconut will help the laddu to stay long.
Remember : If you find it difficult to prepare laddu,, add ghee (let the consistency of the ghee be lquid ), and then prepare laddu. Or, just sprinkle very little hot milk and mix it well and prepare laddu.(These laddu should be kept in the fridge because of adding milk). Or grate jaggery and powder it nicely and then add it the mixture and mix it well. So that you can prepare laddu easily.
Time : 40 minutes
Serves : 20 to 25 laddus. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Dry Fruits Laddu (Without Sugar)

Happy New Year 2016 to Each and Every one.
Just thought of some thing sweet. My last post also is a sweet dish. This time I wanted to try this sweet with natural sweet content from dry fruits it self. It is a big hit and you also will love this sweet laddu and it is healthy dish, I don't have to tell you.
I have used some figs, dates and some nuts like almond, cashew and raisins.
Dry Fruits Laddu can be kept long and it can be given to kids in their lunch /snack box to munch during their snack time. It is 100% healthy and any one can eat them or munch them.
Lets see some benefits of having figs in our diet. 
Figs/Anjeer has numerous health benefits. It is rich source of dietary fiber and improves the digestion. It is good for people who suffer from constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. They are low in calories. It also helps to prevent hypertension. They are rich in antioxidants. They also help to eliminate free radicals that can cause blood vessels and take good care of heart. Figs help in strengthens our bones. It helps to cure anemia since it contain good amount of iron. Eating figs is a natural way to raise the hemoglobin level. It is rich source of minerals like zinc, iron,  manganese and magnesium. It also helps to balance the minerals between the potassium and sodium level in our body. It helps in reproductive health.
These Dry Fruits Laddus are easy to prepare and can be kept for many days.

Things Needed :

Dry Figs : 1 Cup
Dry dates : 1 Cups
Apricot : 1/2 Cup
Raisins : 1/2 Cup
Almonds : 1 Cup
Cashew Nuts : 1/2 Cup
Ghee : 1 Tablespoon
Red Kallusakkare ( Rock Candy) : 2 Tablespoons

Method :
1. Dry grind all the dry fruits (almonds, figs, dates, apricot and rock candy), one by one except raisins/drakshi and cashew nuts and keep it aside.
2. Cut cashew nuts into small pieces.

3. Keep a pan on the fire and heat. Put ghee and fry cashew till they turn slightly red. Remove from the ghee. Add raisins and fry till they turn fluffy.

4. Now put all the dry ground ingredients in a big bowl. Add fried cashew nuts and raisins to it. Mix it well.

 5. Take a handful of nuts mixture and prepare laddu. The moisture in the dates, figs and apricot helps to prepare the laddu easily.

 7. Eat or serve a laddu in a day. (one laddu is more than enough per day).

Note :
Dry grind all the ingredients nicely till they turn powder. It helps to prepare laddu easily. You can add more ghee if you wish to. (but not necessary). Do not add any ground nuts or roasted chenna (hurikadale/pottu kadale). The taste differ. Adding more cashews and raisins are optional. Adding more rock candy is also optional. Adding dry coconut (Kobbari) is also optional. ( I have not used). Roasting all the nuts are also optional. (I have not roasted).

Time : 20 minutes
20 laddus can be made.  (size of the laddu matters).