Saturday, March 12, 2016

Coriander Leaves Chutney

Coriander leaves/kottumbari soppu/ chutney is a spicy chutney which is used as substitute for pickle. This chutney has its own place in South Canara (D. K) people's Kitchen. It is one of the Authentic Chutney I can say. It can stay for long, goes well with almost all dishes.

We prepare and use pickle in larger quantity. Even now my younger sister does it every year mango pickling in traditional way. Pickles are done during the mango season. Varieties of pickles are prepared during summer season and kept in big Pots during those days. Now preparing pickle at home has become very rare and only some still do it and sell it too. Once the pickle gets over they need  to have some thing spicy which can substitute for pickle. So this way coriander chutney has derived I feel.
In villages this chutney is ground in grinding stone. It should be done without using much water, with little or without coconut.
Coriander Leaves Chutney has coriander leaves, green chilly, salt and ing. I have used mustard seasoning. But normally seasoning is not used since the oil might turn or leave bad smell.

Lets see some benefits of  "Coriander Leaves ".

Coriander leaves are good for skin inflammation. They are good for Skin disorders. They contain the property of disinfectant, detoxifying, antiseptic, antifugal and antioxidant. They good for clearing fungal infections. Coriander leaves contain Vitamin C and other acids and are good for reducing cholesterol level in the blood. They also help to reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. They are good for digestion of the food, well functioning of the liver and good bowel movements. Coriander leaves are good for mouth ulcers, anemia and blood sugar disoreders. Eating coriander leaves are very good for eye care.( Not the spicy chutney of course )
Lets see the recipe.

Things Needed :

To Grind :
Coriander Leaves : 3 Bundles.
Green chilly : 10 to 12
 Dry Coconut : 2 to 3 Tablespoons
Salt : 1 To 1 1/2 Tablespoon
Tamarind : 1 Small ball size
Ingh/Asafoetida : a littel
To seasoning :
Mustard seeds : 1 Teaspoon
Ingh : a pinch
Curry Leaves : 6 to 8 leaves
Oil : 1 Teaspoon

Method :

1. Wash and dry coriander leaves and green chilly. Let all the moisture disappear.
2. Now cut green chilly and coriander leaves into small. Grate or cut coconut in to pieces.
3, Grind coriander leaves, green chilly, coconut, tamarind, ingh and salt. Try to dry grind. (Or use very little water to grind). (Grind little quantity at time)
4. Remove from mixi jar and put it in a big bowl. It should be thick.
5. Add mustard seasoning and mix it well.
6. Fill ready "Coriander Leaves Chutney" in a glass bottle once it is cooled.
Serve with curd rice and any other dishes (little quantity) like pickle.

Note :

Adjust the salt quantity according the quantity of the coriander leaves you take. Wash and dry coriander leaves under a fan. Spread it on a plate or tray. (Do not use news papers to dry the leaves. News papers might leave the ink used for printing). Adding green chilly according to your wish. More/less. Adding oil seasoning is also optional. Adding copra/dry coconut helps the chutney tos tay long. Use of coconut also optional. Keep the coriander chutney in the refrigerator. It helps the chutney stay long. You can use boiled salt water to grind chutney. Boil water and add salt. Let it boil and the water reduce to half. Use this water to grind chutney.
Time : 3o minutes
Serving : As you use. 


  1. True, very few people make pickles at home now.. I love the way you hav described the recipe Nalini.. Chutney looks delicious, spicy and inviting!

  2. My favorite :-) This looks so so good dear. Love it!

  3. Addition of mustard will give a special touch to the recipe

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