Friday, November 14, 2014

Bottle Gourd Dokla

Dhokla is a Gujarati Eatable which is very famous all over the world now a days. Dokala ready mix is available in most of the shop. It is one of the easy and tasty tangy food. Even though it is one of the North Indian dish, it has  become every one's favourite and a famous street food too. Not only kids all the age group will sit and enjoy Dokla.

Many times I have prepared plain doklas and it came out very well and we all enjoyed it very much. Then as usual I thought of giving a twist in Dokla too. So this recipe is a result of the twist in dokla. It is raining here in Bangalore because of the Cyclone and the tongue is craving to eat some thing spicy and the mind says no oily please. Just remembered the dokla and it is really a exact food that we can have for rainy evenings. It is spicy, not much of oil or sweet is added and in a way it is healthy too.
 The recipe goes like this. Add channa flour ( Besan) to a savoury curd and mix it well.  Leave it for 2 to 3 hours. Add then lets see the recipe to know more about it.

 Lets see some benefits of eating Bottle Gourd (Sorekai in Kannada language ( Karntaka ).
Bottle Gourd helps the liver function in a balanced manner. It helps to fight constipation as it is rich in fiber.
Bottle gourd is low fat content vegetable and Ayurveda highly recommends this vegetable for diabetic patients and young children.
It is rich in Vitamin C, Zinc, iron and magnesium and it is helpful in improving overall health.
Bottle gourd juice helps to treat burning sensation in the urinary passage and it should be taken with lime juice.
The Juice of bottle gourd helps to reduce graying of hair and baldness. It reduces fatigue and keeps us fresh especially in summer.
The juice from the leaves help to cure jaundice.
Ayurveda recommends bottle gourd juice helps to reduce the acidity, indigestion and ulcers.
Not only above mentioned helpful tips, Bottle gourd helps to maintain the blood pressure,  good for weight loss, low in cholesterol and very good for Eyes. 
Here is a recipe of "Bottle Gourd Dokla", we can have have them for breakfast, as evening snack or for dinner too. This goes well with Green sweet Chutney and coconut chutney.

Things needed: 

Channa flour : 1 Cup
Rava : 1/2 Cup
Savoury Curd : 1 Cup
Salt : to taste
Green Chilly : 1 or  2
Ginger : 1 Table spoon
Coriander Leaves : 1 Handful
Bottle Gourd : 1 Cup
Oil : 1 Tea spoon
Mustard seeds : 1/2 Tea spoon
Ingh (Asafoetida ) a pinch
Jaggery : 1 Table spoon
Curry leaves : 6 to 8
Coconut : 2 Table spoons.
Pepper Pods : 5 to 6
Eno Salt ( Fruit salt) : 1 Tea spoon


1. Take a bog bowl and mix Channa flour, rava, salt and curd. Let it rest for 2 to 3 hours.

2. Wash and grate bottle gourd, cut green chilly and remove the outer skin of ginger.

 3. Grind green chilly, ginger and coriander leaves with pepper pods.

4. Now sieve ground spice and add it to the channa rava batter.

5. Add grated bottle gourd to the besan batter and mix it well.

6. Keep pressure cooker or idli cooker on the fire and put some water in the pressure cooker.
7.Keep a bowl or small vessel up side down  inside the cooker.
8. Apply oil to the container or plate that you are going to use for dokla.
9. Add a spoon of Eno salt and mix the besan batter nicely.

 10 Put this batter to a container or plate that you already oiled
11. Keep this container (or plate ) on the bowl that you are kept it inside the pressure cooker. This way you can avoid water getting  inside the food.


 12. Close the lid of the pressure cooker and steam for 10 t0 12 minutes. Just check with a knife end to make sure that is completely cooker before taking out of the pressure cooker. ( if it is not done you need to cook for another 5 to 8 minutes.

 13. Keep a small pan on the fire. Heat and put one spoon of oil.
14. Put mustard seeds and urid dal. Let the mustard seeds splutter. Add ingh and curry leaves.
15. Add a table spoon of water and jaggery..Let the jaggery melt nicely.

16. Put this mixture on the top of done Bottle gourd Dokla.


17. Put grated coconut and cut Bottle gourd dokla into small pieces.

 18. Serve with  Sweet and Spicy chutney or coconut chutney.

Note :

You should mix the batter bit thick. Use of savoury curd will add to the taste.
The batter should be like idli batter. You can use cooking soda instead of Eno Salt.
You can use more or less chilly. Do not add more oil.
You can also use dil leaves instead of bottle gourd. ( cut them in to very thin and mix it).
Do not add too much of curd. Dokla may turn very soft. 
Time : 30 minutes + fermenting time.
Serves : 4 to 5.


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