Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bread Pakoda & Dahi Pakoda

Bread Pakoda is one of the easiest fried item you can prepare. It is one of the easiest and quick eatable which we can enjoy even for the morning breakfast once in a while, or as snack in the evening time.
As I said If you have bread at home if you want to munch something or suddenly you get a visitor, this will be the perfect snack goes very well with Cup of Coffee or Tea.
I have used Gram (channa gram), little rice flour to give crispness, salt and jeera. No need to use cooking soda since it is going to be served or eaten when it is just prepared. So I have not used any cooking soda or fruit salt in it.
This can be eaten as chat also. Grate some carrots, prepare some sweet and hot chutney and serve Pakoda with these things. Adding some curd on the top and sprinkling some jeera and chilly powder or chat masala also can be done. ( Though we had Dahi Pakoda I did not sprinkle any jeera or chilly powder. I like to have a limited quantity of spice and Sweet & hot chutney already have these things)  I just spread the Sweet & Hot chutney on the top of Bread Pakoda, added grated carrot and on the top put a spoon of thick curd. It is really nice to have it as I said.
Lets come to the recipe.

Things Needed : For Bread Pakoda

Bread : 4 to 6 Slices
Chilly Powder : 1 Tea spoon
Channa Flour : 1 Cup
Jeera : 1/2 Tea spoon
Salt : required
Oil : 1 Cup

Method : 

1. Cut bread into triangle (4 pieces) and keep it aside. ( No need to cut the edges)
2. Put channa flour, rice flour, salt, jeera, chilly powder  in a big bowl and mix it well.
3. Add required water and prepare dough. ( Idli dough consistency).

4. Now keep a frying pan on the fire. Add oil and heat.
5. Dip cut bread pieces in channa flour dough and fry in hot oil and fry them on both sides

6. Remove from the oil and put it on a kitchen tissue and then serve with  Sweet and Hot Chutney and grated carrots and curd.

Note :

 Do not use lot of water while mixing. It may absorb more oil. No need to add any cooking soda. Fry them on medium flame. Serve hot. You can also use more chilly powder if like it more spicy. You can also add garam masala to the dough while mixing. 

Sweet and Hot Spicy Chutney :

Grind,  6 to 8 dates, 2 green chilly, a small  (1/2 of one marble size) Tamarind , handful of washed coriander leaves, 1/2 tea spoon of jeera or Sonf (Aniseeds) required salt with very little water. Grind it nicely till paste and remove from the jar to a serving bowl. You can add garlic pods if you like to have garlic in the chutney.

 Dahi Pakoda 

Grated Carrots : 1/2 Cup
Sweet & Hot Chutney : 2 Table spoon
Bread Pakodas : As many as you want
Method :
1. Take a piece of already fried Pakodas
2. Spread a spoon of Sweet and Spice Chutney

3. Spread a table spoon of grated Carrots

4. Spread a table spoon of thick Curd
Dahi Pakodas are ready to serve.


You can sprinkle chat masala on the top of dahi . You can also put some Fried Sev on the top of  Dahi Pakoda.
Remember put all these above said things just before you serve or the taste may differ and it may become too soft . You can also add cut onions on the top of pakoda just before you put Curd.
Time : 30 Minutes
Serves : 4 to 5