Monday, September 15, 2014

Passion Fruit Juice

Passion Fruit is a Savoury tasted fruit. I came to know about this fruit very recently. I saw this plant hanging full of  fruits on its creepers in Dr. Khadar 's house and clinic in Mysore. Here I must mention Dr. Khadar who is a homeopathy Doctor, prepares medicine, does the organic farming and grows healthy grains like, millet, little millet. fox tail millet, finger millet and you can get almost all organic farmed vegetables and fruits.

Dr. Khadar advices people not to take these days fast food which is completely harmful to your body. and to practice eating the Complete Healthy Grains  that is " All kind of Millets " in your daily diet. He is 100% correct according to me. You all too may agree with my opinion right? ...Please practice and make use of Millets and live Strong and Healthy.
Though I saw Passion Fruit in Dr. Khadar's Clinic I did not get a chance to pluck or taste the fruit. My close friend Usha Suresh Cukkemane who took us to clinic said, that she has tasted the fruit and it is good for preparing juice.Understood the concept and kept it in mind. This time when we visited Mr. Sathish Hande who lives In Mysore (one of our close family friend),and is also an engineer by profession, now an ardent, hard working agriculturist. He grows lots of vegetables and fruits in Organic style and is very much dedicated. When we were returning from his house he packed some fruits for us along with Papaya and tomatoes grown in his farm. This way we got these Passion Fruits and I have given some fruits to my brother and my in laws house too, since they too new about this passion fruit. 

Now lets see some benefits of eating or having this fruit.
Passion fruit is rich source of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and  good source of dietary fiber. Passion Fruit contain Vitamin C, and  Vitamin A. Vitamin A help to maintain healthy mucus, membranes and skin.It contains a high amount of antioxidants, these nutrients protect eyes from free radical damage. Passion Fruit is very beneficial to protect eyes from vision loss and improve eye sight. The fiber content is very effective to improve digestion. Passion fruit is highly effective to protect from high blood pressure.

Here is a simple way of preparing " Passion Fruit Juice ", which is very easy and adding jaggery (iron content) helps the juice to be sweet and perfect.

Things Needed : 

Passion Fruits : 3 to 4
Jaggery : 2 Table spoons
Water : 2 Cups.
Salt : a pinch

Method : 

1. Wash and cut the fruit in between and scoop out the pulp in a big bowl.

2. Squeeze nicely to separate the seeds.

3. Add required water and jaggery to the pulp water mixture. Add a pinch of salt.

4. Now mix it well in hand and stain the juice with the help of stainer.

5. Serve the ready juice . ( Adding ice cube is an optional).

Note :

Add jaggery according to your taste. (more or less). Use of honey instead of jaggery is also good option. You can use many more fruits to prepare the same quantity of juice.
Time : 10 Minutes
Serves : 2


  1. I love Passion fruit! The juice looks perfect Nalini

  2. Thank You Poornima Hegde..for the sweet words..

  3. Hello Ms. Somayaji. I'm writing this from South Korea. Could you please give me the email address or any other contact info of Dr. Khadar at Mysore? I'm in urgent need of his homeopathic medicine for my atopic dermatits, but his old email address won't work. My email address is I can provide you with my other info if needed. Thank you very much in advance. All the best, Byung Joon Lee

  4. Mr. is the information you wanted about Dr. Khadar...the phone no. is Dr. Khader. The number is : 9 4 4 8 5 6 1 4 7 2

  5. Its useful post. Thanks for share with all of us.

  6. I have been to one samvruddi stores in Basaveshwaranagar and got his speech and heard it. Now I have started using this. I have distributed the speech to my friends, relatives for their use. It is useful.

  7. Namasthe Madam,
    Happy you gave information regarding khadar sir. Was searching for his address, I will be greatful if I get full address and phone number.
    Thank you

    1. Will Check with my friend and let you know Sunitha Arun..

    2. Hello Sunitha Arun here is Dr. Khadar Number please note :
      Dr. Usha Khadar.9480193445

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  9. Hi Nalini,
    Do you have Dr.Khader's mail id?
    Can you please share with me if you have.