Monday, December 16, 2013

Radish + Gooseberry Dal

Ready to serve Radish + Goose berry Dal 

 Radish is a root vegetable and it has got immence medicinal values. Radish is very good for the liver and stomach. It acts as a powerful detoxifier. Radish is the best medicine for constipation since it contain very high fibre. It is considered as roughage. It helps to heal the symptoms of the piles very quickly. It also help to cure the urinary disorders. It helps to reduce the blood pressure since it is a very good source of potassium. Radish is also good for diabetes. Radishes contain vitamin - C, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin B Complex which are good for the skin. Radishes have anti - pruritic properties and can be used as effective treatment for insect bites and bee stings. Not only above said benifts of the radish it is good medicine for fever, respiratory disorders, bronchitis and astama, and gallbladder, a good appetizer, regulates metabolism, improves the blood circulation, obesity and gastric problem.
Goose Berry is well known for its endeavoring properties and its nutritional benifits. It is enriched with great vitamin C and contain Iron and vitamin too. Consumption of gooseberry prevents many health diseases and empowers the strength.  It is said that regular intake of amla juice makes the skin glow and hair strong.
Radish + Goose berry Dal recipe is a healthy dish and you can have them with chapatis,pooris, rice, rotis, idli and dosas too. Its tasty and easy to prepare. Its not much of spice and good for all age group people.

Things Needed:

Radish (Mooli) : 3 to 4 (medium sized)
Goose berry : 2 ( medium size)
Toor dal : 1/2 Cup
Jeera : 1 Tea spoon
Green chilly : 2 to 3
Coriander leaves : 2 to 3 Table spoons
Curry leaves : 6 to 8 leaves
Oil: 1 Table spoon
Mustard seeds: 1/2 Tea spoon
Ingh or Asafoetida : a pinch
Salt: as required
Water : required
Lemon : 1/2 rind juice
Turmeric powder: a pinch
Ginger : 1 Tea spoon (grated)

1. Wash and scrape out the outer layer of Radish and wash again.
2. Wash green chilly, curry leaves and coriander leaves and cut it into small.
3. Cut radish into small pieces or according to your wish.
4. Grate goose berry and keep it aside.
5. Wash and pressure cook Toor dal and keep it aside to cool down.
6. Cook radish separately with little water till its soft.
7. Now keep the pan on the fire and heat. Add mustard seeds and 1/2  tea spoon of jeera.
8. Let the mustard seeds spurt. Add curry leaves, green chilly and ingh to it.

9. Add cooked toor dal, ginger and radish. Add pinch of turmeric and salt to it.

10. Let it boil for 2 to 3 minutes. Mix in between so that it does not get burnt at the bottom.
11. Now add grated gooseberry and coriander leaves.

12. Mix it well and serve with chapati or Hot rice with a spoon of ghee on the top.

Note:  Adding gooseberry may turn the dal little blackish. No need to be worried. The taste does not change. The colour changes since it has a strong amla content. You can also add 1 tea spoon of lemon juice if you like tangy taste. You can also add little jaggery. You can also grind little coconut and jeera and add it to the dal and boil for 3 to 4 minutes. The taste differ. Adding garlic also will be good (optional).
Time : 40 minutes
Servings : 4


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