Friday, May 18, 2012

Heere Kai ( Ridge Gourd ) Spicy Dosa

Ridge gourd (Heere -kai in kannada) spicy Dosa is good for break fast and snack in the evening.

Things Needed:
Ridge guard : 2
Dosa Rice: 2 Cups.
Urd daal: 1 Tea spoon.
Fenugreek seeds ( Methi seeds) : 1 Tea spoon.
Red chillies : 6 to 8.
Tamarind Pulp: 2 Table spoons.
Coriander seeds : 2 Table spoons.
Jeera ( Cumin ) seeds: 1/2 tea spoons.
Salt : to taste.
Fresh Coconut: 2 Table spoons.( Grated).
Water: 1 cup.
Turmeric powder: a pinch.
Jaggery : 2 Table spoons.
Oil : 5 to 6 Table spoons.

Wash and Soak rice, urd daal and methi seeds at least for 3 hours. Wash Ridge gourd and remove the skin from the top of the vegetable and cut in to  thin slices. Keep it aside.

Now grind  rice mixture, adding all the spices ( jeera, coriander seeds, tamarind pulp and fresh grated coconut) with little water. Grind nicely till paste consistency and remove from the jar to a bowl and add salt and turmeric powder to the dough. Add jaggery and mix well.

Keep a pan on the fire and heat. Add 1 tea spoon of oil. Now dip each ridge gourd slice in a ground dough and arrange it in a circle on the pan. Sprinkle a tea spoon of oil and cover the dosa and cook for 1 to 2 minutes. ( till its brown). Turn the other side of dosa and cook for 1 minute and remove from the pan. Repeat the same with rest of dough and slices of ridge gourd. Serve this hot dosa with a spoonful of Butter .

Note : Must cook on low flame. ( Otherwise the ridge gourd slices won't cook and dosa will be burnt too).   Must remove the skin ( outer layer ) thoroughly to get the better taste.  Can use the outer layer of the ridge gourd for chutney. Adding jaggery is an option. Can add more jaggary if you are sweet side.  Add little more spice and prepare dough and make ridge gourd dosas for lunch as side dish.Will go very will with Hot rice and little ghee.
6 to 10 Ridge gourd Spicy Dosas can be made.


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