Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bindi Pakoda (Lady's finger Pakoda)

Bindi Pakoda/Fritter is a fried dish and we can munch them any time of the day. I love fried dishes as one of the side dish during lunch time. It is good to munch some thing spicy along with rice and rasam or curd. It adds taste to the food that we eat. I know eating oily food is  not good for health. I feel it is ok once in a while. (Not always).

Bindi/Lady's finger/Bendekai fry goes well with curd rice, during lunch or as starter also I have tried this bindi fry with very little quantity. It was just enough for two.
It is easy, simple and yummy. You can try and enjoy the dish.

Things Needed :

Lady's Finger/bendekai/bindi : 5 to 6
Channa Flour/Besan : 2 Tablespoons
Red chilly Powder : 1 Teaspoon
Jeera/Cumin Seeds : 1/2 Teaspoon
Salt : as required
Oil : 1 Small cup (to fry)

Method : 

1. Wash and remove the moisture from bindi. (Use a clean towel or kitchen tissue to wipe out the moisture).
2. Cut them in to small circle.
3. Take a plate or bowl. Add cut lady's finger and channa/besan flour, salt, chilly powder and jeera.
4. Mix it well by hand. Sprinkle little water and mix again.
5. Keep a pan on the fire and put oil. Heat it.
6. Just drop lady's finger mixture in hot oil. (little by little).
7. Fry them till they turn slightly golden brown.
8. Remove from oil and put it on a kitchen tissue.
9. Repeat the same with rest of the mixture.
10. Serve hot fried bendi as starter, as one of the side dish or with curd rice.

Note : 

Wipe out the moisture completely. You can cut them according to your wish. (Long or short).
Do not add much water while mixing. Adding garlic cuts is optional.(I have not added). Adding cooking soda is also optional. (I did not add). Better to eat immediately, when it is hot.
Adding more spice is also optional. You can use curry leaves and coriander leaves. (But it softens the fry).
Time : 15 minutes.
Serves :2


  1. Loved this's similar to our bhindi fry which they keep in functions....I make bhindi pakoda slightly different with stuffing and leave it long...will try your version too :)

  2. Lovely bhindi pakoda..looks so inviting and tempting

  3. My favorite :) I prepare it using rice flour but your version looks so delicious. I can finish off this one in no time! YUM

  4. My favorite :) I prepare it using rice flour but your version looks so delicious. I can finish off this one in no time! YUM

  5. Wow, they look so crispy.. Such a simple recipe too


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