Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet - Wheat Dosa..

Sweet  - Wheat Dosa is a simple dish..We can have this Sweet wheat dosa for breakfast/snack. It is simple and quick dosa which is prepared with simple ingredients which are at home.

I have used wheat flour, medium size rava/semolina, jaggery, coconut and banana. It is nice to have with ghee. Kids or any age group will surely love to have this dosa I am sure.
Let us see some benefits of eating jaggery in our diet.
Jaggery is filled minerals and vitamins. It helps to boost immunity and keeps the body warm. helps in treating cold and cough. It helps to prevent constipation and detoxes liver. It is a good blood purifier and helps to increase the count of haemoglobin in the blood. It is rich in antioxidants. It cleanses our body and prevents anemia. It is a good source of energy.
Let us see the recipe now :
Things needed :
Wheat flour : 1 Cups.
Rava ( Sooji  or Samolina): 2 Tablespoons.
Water : 2 cups
Jaggery:  3 Tablespoons.
Coconut : Grated : 2 Tablespoons.
Banana : 1 ( Medium sized and riped).
Ghee or Oil : 2 Tablespoons.
Salt : a pinch

Method : 

1. Mix wheat flour , Samolina , salt and banana nicely . Grate coconut and keep it aside.
2. Add required water , powdered jaggey, grated coconut and mix it nicely and prepare dough. (Dosa consistency)

3. Keep a pan on the fire and heat. Sprinkle very little oil on the tava and clean it with a kitchen tissue.
4. Take a ladle of what dosa dough and spread it nicely on the tava. ( Let the flame be very low while spreading the dough).
5. Add little oil on the top, cover and cook for 2 minutes. ( Low and medium flame).
6. Turn the other side and cook for one minute.

7. Hot sweet dosa is ready to serve now.
8. Serve it with a teaspoon of ghee. Prepare remaining dosas with remaining dough.

Note : 

Normally it is eaten with ghee. Side dishes are optional. You can add  little milk while preparing dough. Add ing more / less jaggery is optional. Ghee used dosas are taste good. Ripe bananas give the best result. If you allow the oil to stay on the tava, dosa may not be spread  well. So better to clean the tava with a kitchen tissue and then spread the dough on low flame. Once the spread is done increase the flame to medium. Put some oil on the top and then cook to get tasty dosa.

Time : 20 minutes.
Serves 2.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ridge Gourd Jeera Huli...

Ridge Gourd ( Heere kai in kannada) is rich in fibre and can make different kind of curries using this vegetable. Good for all age group people too.   Ridge gourd jeera Huli  is a curry and you can have chapati, poori, rice or even idli or dosa with this curry.

Ingredients :
Ridge gourd : 2 .
Green chilly : 2 to3
Ginger : 1 Table spoon.( grated).
Coconut : 1/2 cup.
Jeera : 1/2 Tea spoon.
Salt: To taste.
Mustard seeds : 1/4 spoon.
Urd daal: 1/4 spoon.
Curry leaves : 6 to 8
Coriander leaves: 1 Table spoon. ( cut leaves).
Methi seeds: 6 to 8.
Turmeric powder:  a pinch.
Oil.  1 Table spoon.
Water : Required( 1 cup).

Method :
Wash and remove the skin ( outer layer) of Ridge gourd and cut it into small pieces. Keep it aside.Wash and cut coriander leaves and grate ginger. Cut green chillies.
Grind coconut, ginger and jeera together adding little water to it. Grind nicely till paste and remove from the jar. Keep a big pan on the fire. Put oil and heat. Put mustard seeds and urd daal and methi seeds.  Let the mustard seeds spurt. Add curry leaves and cut green chillies and add cut ridge gourd pieces. Add turmeric  Fry for 1 minute. Add water and cook 6 to 8 minutes. Add ground mixture and salt to it, and  cook for 3 to 4 minutes.  Remove from the pan and add cut coriander leaves . Serve ridge gourd curry with  hot rice and chapatis.
Note: Must cook ridge gourd till soft. You can add cooked moong daal to the curry to make it thick. ( Boil 2 table spoons of moong daal and add it to the curry). Can add carrots along with ridge gourd while cooking .
Can add 1 table spoon of  ghee to make it more tasty.
Serves 3.

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